MYSORE ROOM | The Primary Series by Manuel Ferreira – 27 & 28 April
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The Primary Series by Manuel Ferreira – 27 & 28 April

The Primary Series – An Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Weekend

Workshop description:

The Primary Series is the core of Ashtanga Yoga, by practicing and understanding this sequence the student will understand the all practice or anything that comes after.

Day one – Saturday 11am to 4pm (1pm to 2pm lunch break)


Learn the key techniques to activate your legs and arms, working with resistance for strength. By the activation of your limbs you will bring awareness to your core, creating a safe, stable and grounded practice. Stuck somewhere for a long time? Find your answer here!

Day two – Sunday 11am to 4pm (1pm to 2pm lunch break)


With a solid structure, movement, extension and flexibility will come. Learn how to open, lengthening and create space in crucial areas of the body. Your practice will become more relaxed, stress free and smooth. What seemed to be impossible will now be possible!


Mysore Room students (need to have a valid pass) – rm400

Non MRS – rm500

Please contact us via email to for registration and enquiries.