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Class Types

Mysore style classes

Mysore style classes are for ALL LEVELS.

From the complete yoga newbie to the seasoned practitioner.

The teacher will work with you on an individual basis at your own pace to build an independent self practice from ground up. Classes are open 3 hour sessions, however you are only in the class for the duration of your practice, for example beginners are expected to be in the room no longer than 45 mins and overtime will increase up to 1 to 2hrs.

Mysore class is an open format class, please arrive no later than an hour before class time finish.

Led classes

Led classes are for more seasoned Ashtanga yoga practitioners whom have been coming to Mysore style classes regularly. Led classes are counted in traditional Sanskrit for a synchronised group practice of the sequence. It is not a beginner class and not for those who do not know the sequence. We will let you know if you are suitable for this class. Led class is on Friday from 6:30am to 8:00am, please arrive 10min before the start of the class.




The best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga as a beginner is in a Mysore class. In this context beginners are taught individually and can be guided at a pace that is ideal for each student. In Mysore classes all students receive one to one attention from the teacher. Students are taught new asanas and progress through the series appropriate to their unique condition and abilities. In this way the teacher can facilitate the ideal practice for each student. Usually the first week we will start with Suryanamaskar A & B and a small part of the standing sequence and then we progress at an appropriate pace. If you are new to this authentic Ashtanga Yoga method, also known as a Mysore class we require a ONE month commitment with our Kickstarter beginners pass. This discounted pass is only available for Malaysian residents. Upon request, new students are welcome to come and watch a class before joining Mysore Room.

Our Schedule

During MCO classes will be taught online via zoom

Please note:

On public holidays classes are from 8am to 10am, no pm class.

Mysore Room will be closed on moon days (please refer to moon days listed below).

Online Beginners Course is via booking only please contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Zoom link for the online classes will be send the night before to all the students with an active pass.

If you want to purchase a pass or check your pass status please contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Moon Calendar 2021

Jan 13:, 29:
Feb 12:, 27:
Mar 13:, 29:
Apr 12:, 27:
May 12:, 26:
Jun 10:, 25:
Jul 10:, 24:
Aug 8:, 22:
Sep 7:, 21:
Oct 6:, 20:
Nov 5:, 19:
Dec 4:, 19:




– Online Beginner Course RM99 – every weekend during MCO (after attending this course you will be able to join our online Mysore classes)


– Mini Mysore trial class RM40 – not available during MCO


– Kickstarter beginners pass RM300 – 1 month unlimited classes. For Malaysian residents only. (foreigners living in Malaysia can apply)


– 8 class pass RM300 – Valid for 1 month.


– 12 class pass RM480 – Valid for 4 months.


– Drop in RM70 – ONLY for Ashtanga Yoga students with an existing Mysore practice.


– Unlimited monthly pass RM600 (female) RM650 (male) – Valid for 1 month.


– Dedicated Ashtangi Program DAP RM3900 – 1 year unlimited classes.



I am a Malaysian resident trying Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style for the 1st time:

– Online Beginner Course RM99 – every weekend during MCO (after attending this course you will be able to join our online Mysore classes)

Kickstarter beginner pass RM300 – One month unlimited classes.


I am an existing Mysore Style AshtangaYoga practitioner and can only come 2x a week:

8 class pass RM300 – Valid for 1 month.


I am an existing Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga practitioner but have an erratic schedule:

12 pass class RM480 – Valid for 4 months.


I am an existing Mysore style AshtangaYoga practitioner passing thru Kuala Lumpur attending less then 8 classes:

Drop in RM70 – Online Drop in RM40

Please note that drop ins are NOT AVAILABLE for first timers to Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore style.


I am an existing Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and can practice 4-6 times a week but can’t commit for 1 year:

One month unlimited classes RM600 (female) RM650 (male).


I am an existing Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and a Malaysian PR or resident that can commit to 1 year:

Dedicated Ashtangi Program DAP RM3900 – One year unlimited classes.

Please contact us for more info regarding the DAP if you have practice more than a full month at Mysore Room.



Single session RM300.

5 sessions package RM1250 – Valid for 6 months.

10 sessions package RM2000 – Valid for 1 year.


Please note that all CANCELATIONS have to be done 24HRS BEFORE THE CLASS, later then that full amount will be charged.