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The Method

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga taught in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city taught by Yan Ong & Manuel Ferreira, both authorised teachers of the Sharath Yoga Center (SYC). Ashtanga Yoga is the yoga of 8 limbs & one of the few existing yoga traditions kept alive by a strict lineage of teachings passed down thru history. Students are required to submit application to study here via email . All applicants new to Mysore-style method are required to commit to 1 month of study.

The Teachers

All the teachers of Mysore Room have gained their knowledge thru Parampara. The principal teachers from decades of study in Mysore, India with Paramaguru Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Institute and the assistant teachers from years of dedicated study with the principal teachers. Parampara is essential in the making of a authentic Yoga teacher, they have clarity and deep experiential knowledge of the practice as a result of practicing one method with one teacher for years, thereby gaining pure unadulterated transmission of an ancient art. Parampara is the succession of knowledge from teacher to student in ancient Indian culture, creating a lineage whereby knowledge is passed down in its pure form with no confusion. This long term student teacher relationship is the only way in which subtle, deep and advance understanding can be passed down and embodied.

Bios & Private booking

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